If you listen to one podcast, let it be ‘NB‘.

Logo with the letters NB in the middle on a swirling green and orange background.  Image links to first episode of the podcast entitled "NB".
NB: Click above to listen to Episode 1 on BBC Sounds

No, not ‘nota bene’ (though you would do well to ‘nota bene’ this podcast); this NB stands for non-binary. As in gender. The podcast draws on lived experience of non-binary and genderqueer people and explores some key themes and questions surrounding gender identities, such as: realising you don’t fit into a binary interpretation of gender; discovering the language people use to describe themselves; the use of drag; the feelings of dysphoria; and coming out to friends and family.

Even if you’re happy and comfortable in your gender, even if you always have been, NB is a worthy listen purely to educate. If we all took a little time to learn about others, there’d be a lot less fear and misunderstanding in the world.

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