I am genderfluid, which means the states of gender I experience change and vary, more specifically a polyfluid enby (non-binary person). As such, pronouns are a little tougher to pin down as different pronouns feel better at different times, and some that might make me uncomfortable one day, may be fine another day. I tend towards gender neutral pronouns and neopronouns.

How to refer to me

If you refer to me in the third-person, please respect what is listed below:

  1. No pronouns – refer to me by name.
  2. One of the below sets of pronouns on this page:
    1. they/them/their
    2. ne/nim/nirs
    3. zhe/hir/hirs
    4. ir/ihm/irs
  3. Any set listed on my Pronouny profile:

There are sometimes additional sets below that I am also trying out, please feel free to use them too.


If you are not familiar with these, please check the tables below for different forms or use Pronoun Dressing Room to generate some longer prose examples.


Form   Example
Subjective they They like cats
Objective them I gave them a gift
Possessive determiner their This is their favourite song
Possessive pronoun theirs That car is theirs
Reflexive themself/theirself They treated themself to a new coat


Form   Example
Subjective ne Ne likes cats
Objective nim I gave nim a gift
Possessive determiner nir This is nir favourite song
Possessive pronoun nirs That car is nirs
Reflexive nimself Ne treated nimself to a new coat


Form   Example
Subjective zhe Zhe likes cats
Objective hir I gave hir a gift
Possessive determiner hir This is hir favourite song
Possessive pronoun hirs That car is hirs
Reflexive hirself Zhe treated hirself to a new coat


Form   Example
Subjective ir Ir likes cats
Objective ihm I gave ihm a gift
Possessive determiner ir This is ir favourite song
Possessive pronoun irs That car is irs
Reflexive ihmself Ir treated ihmself to a new coat


Form   Example
Subjective nym Nym likes cats
Objective nym I gave nym a gift
Possessive determiner nym This is nym favourite song
Possessive pronoun nyms That car is nyms
Reflexive nymself Nym treated nymself to a new coat