SPSFC: My allocations

SPSFC: My allocations

Within each judging team for SPSFC there are roughly thirty (30) books assigned as their ‘slush pile’ and teams with multiple members then split the pile between them to begin reading. In Wayward Stars we have split things so that every book is read by at least two people. We aim to read 20% of each book and decide whether it’s one to continue as a full group or not. Below are my ten (10) from the slush pile.

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Sunborn by Kenneth Buff

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Sudden Death by L.L. Richman

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Viral by Tony Bennett

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The Nothing Within by Andy Giesler

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Across the Broken Stars by Jed Herne

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Aztra’s Mirror by Charles Freedom Long


The Tide Will Erase All by Justin Hellstrom

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Titan Hoppers by Rob J. Hayes

60758000. sy475

Pallas Lost by Jake Morrison

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The Sequence by Lucien Telford

Some of these have their covers put forward into the people’s vote for the cover contest (see my previous post for a link to that). They spread over a variety of sub-genres, from military to sci-fantasy to weird to horror and I’m excited to get reading. I have high hopes for some of these. 

I am not sure exactly what I will be posting during phase one as I don’t want anyone to misinterpret my positive or negative feelings as any guarantee of anything in relation to the competition. Remembering it’s not just me who is reading these books. Judges are asked to vote on each book with a Yes/No/Not-My-Style – Yes means we think the full team should read it in entirety; No means we don’t recommend it to the team for further reading; Not My Style means exactly what you think. Fingers cross I get a few ‘Yes’ out of this bunch!


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