Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence

I feel like every year I have to make one of these entries where I explain my absence and the quietness of the blog. This time I think I have a valid excuse or two.

Earlier in the year I joined Grimdark Magazine‘s online reviewer team and‘s and agreed to do reviews for Black Dragon Books too. In an effort not to cross-post and detract from those sites, I haven’t been putting any of those review on here. I’ve also been working with team BookNest to read and review for Phase One of SPFBO 8 and so all of those have been on BN’s site. I have one book left to read and review for that.

Also, after I had COVID in March and a family bereavement in April I had a pretty prolonged reading slump, which peaked in June when I finished absolutely nothing. Indie Accords and The SFF Oasis Bingo readathons both encouraged me and I picked up the pace a little. While I still have quite a few buddy reads I missed and new releases sitting eye-balling me from the shelves, it’s a step in the right direction.

In amongst all that I was also finishing off my Master’s thesis, which I submitted on 31st July so getting that finished off has opened up my time too. I am debating turning some of it into a book proposal so that might re-absorb some of my time at some point in the future.

Hopefully I will be back to posting here a little more often as I am on team Wayward Stars for SPSFC 2! This will mean, as we are all separate entities with separate blogs, I’ll be talking about my reads on here and linking to the rest of the team’s posts. I will do another post shortly with more on SPSFC. Until then, happy reading!

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