Rai’s Reading Challenge 2021

Rai’s Reading Challenge 2021

I’ve put together 20 prompts for my reading next year. I think there’s a good mix below and I’m sure there’ll come a point where it’ll help me choose what to read next! I’ve kept them fairly simple as who knows what surprises await us next year, given how bizarre my reading went in 2020.

  1. Take part in #MountTBR2021 and aim for Pike’s Peak (12 books I already own) – see more info here: https://myreadersblock.blogspot.com/2020/10/mount-tbr-challenge-2021.html
  2. A translated book
  3. A non-fiction (not for uni) book
  4. Speculative fiction either by an LGBTQ+ author or with queer (main) characters
  5. A space opera
  6. An epic fantasy
  7. A horror novel
  8. A non-police-procedural mystery/thriller
  9. A contemporary/literary fiction
  10. The first in a new series
  11. A sequel
  12. Published in the 20th Century
  13. A green book
  14. An award winner
  15. A debut novel
  16. Set in or inspired by a country you’ve never visited
  17. Something that’s been turned into or inspired a TV show or film
  18. A book recommended to you (by an algorithm or a person)
  19. A book containing poetry
  20. Take part in a read-along or buddy-read
  21. BONUS CHALLENGE: Read all the books you received for Christmas 2020 by Christmas 2021

If you’d like to join in with these prompts, please consider using the tag #RaiReadsChallenge2021 so I can see you!

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