Reading Challenges 2019

Reading Challenges 2019

In an attempt to jolt myself into reading more consistently and in a hope to hit my overall Goodreads challenge target of 18, I was inspired to throw together a list of mini challenges.  In the same vein as Instagram photo challenges, with 30 days of prompts to take a photo of, these lists are created by lots of bookish sites and accounts and do the rounds every January and I missed out on them.  Below is my challenge list, created in August, to see how well I can do in 4 months.  It’s a bit of a mash up of other reading challenge lists I read through as well as some completely my own.

Core Challenges: 5 points each

  • A book with ‘cat(s)’ in the title
  • Set in space
  • Set in Scandinavia
  • Published this year (2019)
  • Published before you were born
  • A ghost story
  • A story with dragons
  • A non-fiction book
  • A comic or graphic novel
  • A translated book
  • A book you know nothing about
  • A book someone recommended to you personally
  • Tagged LGBT on Goodreads
  • A debut novel
  • A sequel
  • …with a two word title
  • An audiobook
  • …from an author from Asia, Africa or Latin America
  • A book over 500 pages long
  • …that is also (or shortly will be) a movie/TV Series


Bonus Challenges: 10 points each

  • A multi-author book (translators don’t count)
  • …in a genre you don’t normally choose
  • Read more than one translated or International book during the year
  • A book you’ve owned for more than 5 years (and haven’t read yet)
  • A “book to read before you die”


Know Thy Enemy Ultra Challenge: 50 points

  • Read a book by an author you actively dislike

Usually these challenges don’t involve a points system but I thought it’d add an extra dynamic based on how hard I thought each one would be for me.

I’ve already ticked some of these off – I think I’ve gathered maybe 50 points so far – and I’m working on another two actively at the moment.  I’ll come back in December/January and post what books went with what challenges.

Anyone else have any cunning strategies for keeping yourself reading?

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